Apples: Speech Therapy Planning

The air was cooler.  There was even rain here in California.  Time for fall speech/language therapy activities!  I knew I wanted to do some activity with apples and that I wanted to activity to be functional and meaningful; however, I did not have a lot of time to prep.

Thank you to  Carisa Hinson 1+1+1=1, Promoting Success, and Scholastic my sessions were planned with ease!

All of the resources were free, black and white printable, and easy to use.  All I needed to do was purchase the yummy apples.


Cheese and pepperoni….hold the anchovies

My first two years working as a SLP, I had the privilege of working at an early intervention program with children ages 3-5  years old.  During my time at the early intervention program, I was blessed to be supported by intelligent and caring coworkers.  I didn’t realize just how crucial their support would be in helping to shape me as a SLP.  My time with the amazing professionals at the early intervention program shaped me and my philosophy for serving our speech and language students:

“Play is the work of the child.” – Maria Montessori

To this day, even when working with my older students, I make our therapy sessions together the equivalent of their “play”.  Meaning, our time together and what we work on needs to be intentional, functional, and meaningful to my students.  I thank my coworkers and friends at the early intervention program (you all know who you are) for helping to solidify that theory!

With that, I am pleased to share with you a post by Jennifer LeGardeur.  Jennifer works at the early intervention program where I started my SLP career.  Jennifer started out as my CFY supervisor and mentor, but quickly became a dear friend.  When I was at the early intervention program, Jennifer and I saw our preschool groups at the same time in neighboring rooms.  We spent a lot of time collaborating, and I was nervous that when I left the early intervention program, I would not have that same collaborative experience, but Jennifer has kept it going.  I get emails from her with ideas, new books, new apps, etc. to share with me.  I asked her if she would want to write a post for my blog, and I’m so excited she agreed!  Enjoy…


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