The Mitten and Story Resources

Getting back into a groover following a holiday and break from work can feel jarring. ¬†In anticipation, I wanted to have solid therapy plans in place for my groups because I always feel better and more prepared when I am all planned out (even if nothing during our sessions goes according to plan ūüôā ).

Over the holiday break, my son received the book “The Mitten” by Jan Brett from family members. ¬†HE LOVED IT! ¬†He requested it, we read it over and over. ¬†The SLP in me observed the language-rich opportunities for labeling, inferencing, cause and effect, story retell, and sequencing. ¬†LIGHTBULB…this will be my book for the first week back at work.


Armed with an awesome book, I took to the internet to browse resources of amazing SLPs and educators…lucky me…jackpot! ¬†I wanted to find an activity with visuals that would allow for working on goals ranging from articulation of beginning and ending sounds of words, expanding sentences, labeling to answering wh questions, retelling the story, and sequencing.

There are amazing resources out there, but the one that fit for me is from Home School Creations.  Home School Creations has a variety of FREE materials on The Mitten including a preschool packet, kindergarten packet, vocabulary, and math work.  I chose the preschool packet because I really wanted pictures of the animals and a mitten.  I also wanted the ability to add to this activity in the following weeks if my students really connected with it (and they did).


My students laughed out loud and gasped during the book!  They then eagerly answered sequencing questions and proudly shared their mittens with the parents at the end of our sessions.

Big hit…thank you Jan Brett for The Mitten and¬†Home School Creations¬†for the visual supports.



Apples: Speech Therapy Planning

The air was cooler.  There was even rain here in California.  Time for fall speech/language therapy activities!  I knew I wanted to do some activity with apples and that I wanted to activity to be functional and meaningful; however, I did not have a lot of time to prep.

Thank you to  Carisa Hinson 1+1+1=1, Promoting Success, and Scholastic my sessions were planned with ease!

All of the resources were free, black and white printable, and easy to use.  All I needed to do was purchase the yummy apples.


Ziploc Masterpiece

My 8 month old little boy just created his first master piece. ¬†That’s right…I am the proud mama of a true artist! ¬†How?! ¬†Glad you asked…

Here’s what you will need:

Ziploc: Your choice with the size…I went with a larger size

Paper: I went with a thicker paper and folded it a little bit so it fit nicely into the Ziploc

Paint: I went with tempera paint. ¬†The paint is in little tubs…easy for pouring

Any fun accessory item: rice, foil, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.06.38 PM

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Conversation Jenga

If you have played Jenga, chances are, YOU LOVE JENGA! ¬†Everyone loves Jenga!¬† Especially children…they love anything you can build and then knock over, right?!

With my elementary school students, we play Jenga, but of course with a speechie twist.¬† ūüôā

How to make and play: On a regular Jenga set, I wrote conversation starters on each of the blocks.  As a student picks a block, he/she reads the conversation starter out loud, and then speaks on the topic.  The other students in the group listen to their peer and then ask one related question.  Another way to play is to have the student who picks the block present the conversation starter to a peer.  This is a great game to practice conversing socially, listening, asking questions, and turn-taking.

Stumped with conversation starters?!  Let me give you a little jumpstart:
1.  Tell me about your favorite animal.
2.  Tell me about your favorite meal.
3.  Tell me about something that makes you happy.
4.  Tell me about your family.
5.  Tell me about your last birthday.
6.  Tell me about your day at school.
7.  Tell me about your favorite sport.

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2015: 10 Halloween Book Recommendations for Little Kiddos

I LOVE books for little kiddos. ¬†When working on speech and language skills with my preschoolers, I planned all our sessions around books. ¬†It is never too early to introduce your child to books, but it can be tricky to know what books are appropriate for our little ones. ¬†Here are my¬†top 10 Halloween Book Recommendations for little kiddos (in no particular order….just the order I remembered them) Continue reading