2016: 10 Halloween book recommendations

Children books are the best!  Some of my most popular and most requested posts are my posts with book recommendations.  Well, here we are at another October and here you have another book recommendation post…Halloween 2016 style.  There will be some repeats from 2015 (because a good book remains a good book 🙂 ), but there will also be some good new recommendations!  In no particular order…here are my top 10 recommendations!

(Want to check out my 2015 Halloween recommendations?  Visit: https://riseshinespeak.wordpress.com/2015/10/15/10-halloween-book-recommendations-for-little-kiddos/ )

(Click on the titles to bring you to the Amazon pages for the books 🙂 )

10.  The Spooky Wheels on The Bus


The original Wheels on The Bus is fantastic for children learning language because it exposes them to language in a repetitive, rhythmic, and relatable manner.  The Spooky Wheels on The Bus follows that same rhythmic and receptiveness I love for a children’s book, while introducing Halloween vocabulary.

9.  The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin


Spookily is a rare square pumpkin with a great story.  This is a great book you can use to talk about comparing/contrasting, cause/effect, predicting, and emotions.


8.  Where is Baby’s Pumpkin?


“Where is baby’s?”… is a fabulous series for the little ones.  Board book, flip book.  My son loves the Halloween book because the graphics are sparkly!  I’ver recommended before, but I love this book!  Great for practicing concepts, vocabulary, and familiarizing your little one with Halloween.

7. Room on The Broom


This is a wonderful storytelling book with characters and a storyline.  There are also plenty of activities (just google it or search on pinterest).  I would recommend this book for elementary school age.  Young readers may not be as engaged, but go ahead and give it a try…I like when little ones prove me wrong.

6. Any book with your child’s favorite character.

Find a Halloween themed book with your child’s favorite character (i.e., Mickey, Elmo, Daniel Tiger, Doc McStuffins, etc.).  Reading about their favorite character doing Halloween related things will help your child make connections with the holiday and festivities.  It also allows for conversations answering WH- questions…”What did Elmo dress up as? Where did Daniel Tiger go? Why did Mickey need a flashlight?”

5.  Go Away, Big Green Monster


As you read the book, you build the face of a monster.  With the repetitive phrase of “Go away…” the monster disappears.  There are a ton of activities and crafts that accompany this book.  Check out my pinterest Speech Language Pathologist account for some ideas.

4.  Glad Monster, Sad Monster


Similar to Go Away Monster, but shows monsters with different feelings.

3. Finger Puppet Books: Little Bat: Finger Puppet BookLittle Cat: Finger Puppet BookLittle Spider: Finger Puppet Book

517jN873WeL._SY497_BO1,204,203,200_51HnCPbK3fL._SY485_BO1,204,203,200_ 51ErGaUlCwL._SY493_BO1,204,203,200_

Perfect for our really young ones.  A finger puppet book that really grabs attention…even for the youngest readers.

2.  Boo Who? A Spooky Lift The Flap Book


A great book with clues for guessing who is saying “boo”.  Perfect to interact with your toddlers and preschoolers.

1. Little Blue Truck’s Halloween


I am a big fan of the original Little Blue Truck, and I am so excited there is a Halloween story for Little Blue…with flaps to lift!  The Little Blue Truck series is great for young readers through early elementary.

I love finding out about new books!  Do you have Halloween favorites that didn’t make my to 10?  Comment below…let’s grow our list!


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