Halloween Safety and Problem Solving (Product Review)

I am excited to share with you: Halloween Safety and Problem Solving: Scenarios Elementary by the wonderful Carly Fowler of Happily SLP (<–click to visit her Facebook page)

This product was introduced to me by its developer, Carly Fowler of Happily SLP on Facebook and Teachers Pay Teachers.  Carly and I attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s graduate program for speech language pathology.  Carly has developed incredible products on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Halloween Safety and Problem Solving: Scenarios Elementary is problem solving, social language, and safety packet.  I used this product with my 3rd-5th grade students working on language and articulation.  I also used this product with my 3rd-5th grade students with autism.

The packet comes with:

56 Halloween Social Scenario Cards for Elementary Students

12 Halloween Blank Character Cards

36 Colored Halloween Dominoes

36 Black & White Halloween Dominoes

Scenario Cards
In Action


-Scenario Cards:  The scenario cards provided realistic and functional questions.  The questions often sparked a conversation about the scenario, which made for many great teaching moments.  The amount of scenarios cards was also fantastic…during our sessions, we never repeated a scenario.

-Dominoes:  The Dominoes game cards we extremely reinforcing.  The Dominoes component of this packet also lead to many teaching moments.  In most of the groups there was a student who had played and at least one student who had not played.  The student who had played Dominoes before was given the task of describing the game!  I have a few groups who wanted to make their own rules to the game…they did it as a group and developed the rules…cool!

-Graphics:  The graphics are adorably spooky.  All my students, even the 5th grade boys, enjoyed the graphics on the cards.

-Collaborative Therapy: The psychologist and I provide a group therapy session with our students with autism.  She loved the scenarios so much that we incorporated the scenarios into treatment.


-Graphics:  As much as we all loved the graphics, the spooky font size was slightly challenging for some of my students to read.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend this product!!  I think it is critical to educate students on Halloween safety and to do so in a fun and meaningful way.  I loved that the scenarios often sparked conversations that went beyond the basic answer to the question.  Many of my students asked if we could do it again next week…I think that is review enough! 🙂

Please check out the Halloween Safety Packet by Carly Fowler

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