Go Away Big Monster

I am really enjoying my Halloween themed books this year.  I love reading them with my speech and language students at school and I am loving introducing them to my little man.  I try to keep my Halloween books on the light side (not too scary) and “Go Away, Big Green Monster” book by Ed Emberely fits that perfectly.  If you are not familiar, go to the library or bookstore and check it out immediately.  As you read the book, you build the monster: eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, hair, and face.  It is great for sequencing, great for identifying body parts, and great for working on pronouns (Point to YOUR ears. Point to HIS nose)….really the possibilities are pretty endless.  After you build up the Big Green Monster, you tell it to “GO AWAY” piece by piece.  Children love this…the really like saying “GO AWAY”.

Go Away, Big Green Monster.  Buy New $10.37

In keeping with the Monster theme, I like to play the “Go Away Monster” game.  This game is so much entertaining and engaging!  Each child is given a cardboard playing board, which is designed to be a child’s bedroom.  In the rooms there are missing pieces (bed, lamp, picture, and teddy bear).  Children take turns reaching into a bag to pull out the cardboard pieces for the room, BUT there are also MONSTERS hiding in the bag.  If they pull out a piece for their room, they place in on their playing board.  If they pull out a monster, they quickly toss it back in the box, I shut the top, we say, “GO AWAY MONSTER”, and then we all sigh in relief!  PHEW…that was close!!!

Go Away Monster Game.  Buy New $11.99

Another game I like to do with younger children is a Monster Hunt.  I found bags of plastic monster finger puppets like the ones in the picture below.  I place all around the room in places that require children to use directional/concept words such as on, on top of, under, between, etc.  Now go on a monster hunt and talk through the location of all the monsters!

Monster Figure Puppets.  Buy New $4.00

There are sooooo many exciting and spooky monster activities.  I have seen some wonderful art projects with the Big Green Monster Book.  Have fun!


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