2015: 10 Halloween Book Recommendations for Little Kiddos

I LOVE books for little kiddos.  When working on speech and language skills with my preschoolers, I planned all our sessions around books.  It is never too early to introduce your child to books, but it can be tricky to know what books are appropriate for our little ones.  Here are my top 10 Halloween Book Recommendations for little kiddos (in no particular order….just the order I remembered them)

(Click on the titles to bring you to the Amazon pages for the books 🙂 )

10.  Where is Baby’s Pumpkin?


“Where is baby’s?”… is a fabulous series for the little ones.  Board book, flip book.  My son loves the Halloween book because the graphics are sparkly!

9.  Sesame Street Boo! Guess Who, Elmo!


Colorful flip book with the loved Sesame Street characters.  There is a little bit of each character peeking out from behind the flap which gives a great opportunity to practice part-whole concepts.

8.  T-Rex Trick or Treats


Perfect book for your dinosaur loving preschooler!

7.  Go Away, Big Green Monster


As you read the book, you build the face of a monster.  With the repetitive phrase of “Go away…” the monster disappears.  There are a ton of activities and crafts that accompany this book.  Check out my pinterest Speech Language Pathologist account for some ideas.

6.  Glad Monster, Sad Monster


Similar to Go Away Monster, but shows monsters with different feelings.

5.  Little Bat: Finger Puppet Book


Perfect for our really young ones.  A finger puppet book that really grabs attention…even as young as 4 months!

4.  Little Cat: Finger Puppet Book


3.  Little Spider: Finger Puppet Book


2.  Five Little Pumpkins


A classic to have in your collection

1.  Boo Who? A Spooky Lift The Flap Book


A great book with clues for guessing who is saying “boo”.  Perfect to interact with your toddlers and preschoolers.

I love finding out about new books!  Do you have Halloween favorites that didn’t make my to 10?  Comment below…let’s grow our list!


2 thoughts on “2015: 10 Halloween Book Recommendations for Little Kiddos

  1. Ooh, love the suggestions! I love Room on the Broom. Allie’s favorites are The Littlest Pumpkin and the Biggest Pumpkin Ever. Caleb has The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin, cute one!


    1. Room on the Broom is one of my favorites, too! I can totally see Allie loving it. I’ll have to check out the other two books. I’m not sure I have read them before 🙂 Thanks!


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