Go Away Big Monster

I am really enjoying my Halloween themed books this year.  I love reading them with my speech and language students at school and I am loving introducing them to my little man.  I try to keep my Halloween books on the light side (not too scary) and “Go Away, Big Green Monster” book by Ed Emberely fits that perfectly.  If you are not familiar, go to the library or bookstore and check it out immediately.  As you read the book, you build the monster: eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, hair, and face.  It is great for sequencing, great for identifying body parts, and great for working on pronouns (Point to YOUR ears. Point to HIS nose)….really the possibilities are pretty endless.  After you build up the Big Green Monster, you tell it to “GO AWAY” piece by piece.  Children love this…the really like saying “GO AWAY”.

Go Away, Big Green Monster.  Buy New $10.37

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Conversation Jenga

If you have played Jenga, chances are, YOU LOVE JENGA!  Everyone loves Jenga!  Especially children…they love anything you can build and then knock over, right?!

With my elementary school students, we play Jenga, but of course with a speechie twist.  🙂

How to make and play: On a regular Jenga set, I wrote conversation starters on each of the blocks.  As a student picks a block, he/she reads the conversation starter out loud, and then speaks on the topic.  The other students in the group listen to their peer and then ask one related question.  Another way to play is to have the student who picks the block present the conversation starter to a peer.  This is a great game to practice conversing socially, listening, asking questions, and turn-taking.

Stumped with conversation starters?!  Let me give you a little jumpstart:
1.  Tell me about your favorite animal.
2.  Tell me about your favorite meal.
3.  Tell me about something that makes you happy.
4.  Tell me about your family.
5.  Tell me about your last birthday.
6.  Tell me about your day at school.
7.  Tell me about your favorite sport.

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2015: 10 Halloween Book Recommendations for Little Kiddos

I LOVE books for little kiddos.  When working on speech and language skills with my preschoolers, I planned all our sessions around books.  It is never too early to introduce your child to books, but it can be tricky to know what books are appropriate for our little ones.  Here are my top 10 Halloween Book Recommendations for little kiddos (in no particular order….just the order I remembered them) Continue reading

Rise Shine Speak

I am NOT a morning person!  I take full advantage of the snooze button, eventually stumble out of bed, and walk around aimlessly with eyes closed until I muster up the strength to take on the day.  This surprises many people who know me outside of my morning routine, but it is the truth.  For years, I have said that I am going to work on being more of a morning person…for years I have been unsuccessful.


Then, March 2015 happened and I quickly became a morning person!  My little bundle of joy did not come with a snooze button (what the heck?!).  Each morning (MOST mornings) he greets me with his adorable smiling face.  His adorable smiling face is excited to be awake and explore his life.  His adorable smiling face cannot wait to see those around him.  His adorable smiling face cannot wait to eat (we sure have that in common).  I do not want to subject that adorable smiling face to my morning self, so I am working hard to RISE and SHINE when I wake up.  My husband is probably getting a good giggle at this as I still struggle with the whole rise and shine concept, but I’m working on it!  I want to be an example for my little man to continue to live a life of eagerness and excitement.


Other than being a mama, I am proud to be a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP).  I have had the pleasure of working in a variety of settings with individuals from preschool age through adulthood.  I have always been passionate about being a SLP, but after becoming a new mom, I am enjoying approaching my knowledge as a SLP from a different perspective…from the perspective of a parent!

This blog will be dedicated to parent/caregiver-friendly speech, language, and development information, life as a new mama, and other life adventures…

Shine on